[smokeping-users] Discontinuance in smokeping graph

SCHNEIDER Benoit ton.ami.totoro at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 14:05:31 CEST 2011


At my office we use smokeping to monitor connection.
The smokeping have been update from the debian etch version to squeez with
out any problem, but few mounth later (now) we have some discontinuance in
the graph.
The drowing stop and restart for all graphed connection in exactly the same

I build a new smokping directly based on squeez, with the same configuration
files and I don't have any problem.

Any idear about what's happenning ? Or a way to found where the problem is ?

In my log files I have this:

Jun  6 12:03:31 smokeping smokeping[543]: FPing: NOTE: smokeping took 60
seconds to complete 1 round of polling. This is over 80%% of the max time
available for a polling cycle (60 seconds).

But in both server.

Thank's for helping

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