[smokeping-users] smokeping master/slave on windows

Thiago Motta thiago at motta.eti.br
Wed Jun 8 05:54:37 CEST 2011

Hi Guys,

My company provide a monitoring service for out systems in some gold
contracts. And one of our customer has requested to implement network
monitoring in adition to what we already do.

I did some research and found that this customer is already using SmokePing
and that it provides the info we need, so it seens to be the natural choise
for me.

I built a small lab to make some tests since this customer env is windows
only and smokeping was originaly designed to *NIX.i want to be sure that all
would work before presenting to my manager as an viable option.

I managed to get an standalone server running, and them changed it to a
Master an configured a Slave in another windows box. All seens fine until
here, the slave is comunicating to the master and the master itself
is gathering its data.

The problem is, the slave is reporting back to the Master that store the
data in a .slave_cache file, but there are entries with duplicated time in
here, so when Smokeping in the master process it it generates the following

RRDs::update ERROR: \smokeping\var/Test/Google~pssla-02-vm-2.rrd: illegal
attempt to update using time 1307502575 when last update time is 1307502575
(minimum one second step).

So in the this cache file i see several entries with the same time, and
sometimes older entries after newer ones.

I am using Smokepng 4.2.4 with RRD 1.2.30. I am planning to move to a newer
version of RRD, but since i need to build it from the sources i am only
planning to do it when i have all working to present to my customer to plan
the final implemantation.

I only have graphics for the master data, the slave RRD files just sits
there and never get updated.

Just a little backgroud on the use, i have several servives distribuited on
several servers in 8 sites distributed across the country (a total of more
them 80 distinti servers) and i need to test the latency and avaliability of
the servers that has any communication. Our productis are telephony related
and SIP-Based and demand eficienty networks so the need to monitor it.
Having all standalone installs in the servers and the info distribuited
would be unmanageble, thus i realy need the Master/Slave funtion working.

If this is not possible to get it working can someone recomend a product
that can do similar monitoring on windows?

Thanks in advance for everyone.

Thiago Motta
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