[smokeping-users] Smokeping Master/Slave permission/denied problem

Joakim Westin joakim at jwab.net
Sat Jun 18 12:33:05 CEST 2011

Hi, I'm a SmokePing beginner.

I have gotten as far as to setup three machines. One as master
(master) and two slaves. I have configured my Targets file and added
the slaves. I set the permission on the file
/etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets as follows:

sudo chmod 0440 /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets

then I start SmokePing

sudo service smokeping restart

On the slave I then execute this:

/usr/sbin/smokeping --master-url=http://master/smokeping/smokeping.cgi
--cache-dir=/var/smokeping/ --shared-secret=/var/smokeping/secret.txt

and I get this error:

WARNING: Opening secrets file /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets:
Permission denied

If I change the permission on the file
/etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets on the master (while SMokePing is
running) :

sudo chmod 0444 /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets

It works at the slave. But after a while SmokePing complains that the
file is world readable...

I understand that the file shouldn't be world readable... but since I
am no good at Python and Linux permissions I really need help with

Can anyone give me a clue as to how the permissions should be set for
the master/slave to work OK?

I am doing this with 2.004002 and Perl v5.10.1 on Ubuntu 11.04


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