[smokeping-users] Smokeping Master/Slave permission/denied problem

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at alter3d.ca
Sat Jun 18 16:10:25 CEST 2011

The file needs to be readable by the user that Smokeping is running as 
on the master.   If the file is owned by root and you set permissions 
0440 on it, then the Smokeping user can't read it.

You should change the ownersip of the file so that your Smokeping user 
can read it;  for example, if Smokeping runs as _smokeping, you could do:

chown _smokeping:root /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets
chmod 0660 /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets

- Peter

On 6/18/2011 6:33 AM, Joakim Westin wrote:
> Hi, I'm a SmokePing beginner.
> I have gotten as far as to setup three machines. One as master
> (master) and two slaves. I have configured my Targets file and added
> the slaves. I set the permission on the file
> /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets as follows:
> sudo chmod 0440 /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets
> then I start SmokePing
> sudo service smokeping restart
> On the slave I then execute this:
> /usr/sbin/smokeping --master-url=http://master/smokeping/smokeping.cgi
> --cache-dir=/var/smokeping/ --shared-secret=/var/smokeping/secret.txt
> -debug
> and I get this error:
> WARNING: Opening secrets file /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets:
> Permission denied
> If I change the permission on the file
> /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets on the master (while SMokePing is
> running) :
> sudo chmod 0444 /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets
> It works at the slave. But after a while SmokePing complains that the
> file is world readable...
> I understand that the file shouldn't be world readable... but since I
> am no good at Python and Linux permissions I really need help with
> this!
> Can anyone give me a clue as to how the permissions should be set for
> the master/slave to work OK?
> I am doing this with 2.004002 and Perl v5.10.1 on Ubuntu 11.04
> Cheers,
> Joakim
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