[smokeping-users] Questions about the Matcher (Median)

richard k richardkfk at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 12 02:29:16 CET 2011

Dear Sir,
>From your website's documentation ,
the explanation of the Matcher (Median) is :
Call the matcher with the following sequence: type = matcher
 pattern =  Median(old=>x,new=>y,diff=>z)
This will create a matcher which consumes x+y latency-datapoints, builds the two medians and the matches if the difference between the median latency is larger than z seconds.
I am monitoring a few thousands hosts and try to send alerts if any of the host has a sudden change of more than 15ms, I then has to set the value of z =15. If I follow your instruction, I have to set the value of z=0.015 which I think is incorrect.
Should it be better to  remove the word <seconds> on the webpage :
Thanks n regards,
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