[smokeping-users] Smokeping 2.6.5 $VERSION="" in ./lib/Smokeping.pm

richard k richardkfk at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 12 11:44:00 CET 2011

Dear Dir,
I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on my HP Pro 2.2Ghz Dual Core Notebook.
Initially, I use the Synaptic Package Manager to install the Smokeping ver2.3.5 (bundled by Ubuntu11.10) , but it has problems to use the 
Alerts type =matcher.
So I un-install the Smokeping 2.3.5 and download the latest version 2.6.5 from your website :
I follow the installation procedures
a. unzip the gz file onto the following dir
b. Unpack the tar archive and run the included configure script:
./configure --prefix=/opt/smokeping
c. then use the sudo command to make install files
sudo make install
d. follow the configuration procedures to 
Installing the webinterface .  ( I use Synaptic Manager to install the Apache2 web server before)
c. the installation is successfully .
All the corresponding files and directory will be installed under 
I have to change the following dir to be -rwxrwxrwx-  by every one , otherwise the apache2 web cgi will have error saying that "unable to write some files /opt/smokeping/cache/.., permission denied"
I can put my hosts (which are  monitored for RTT) onto the /opt/smokeping/etc/config file and then 
run the smokeing
sudo /opt/smokeping/bin/smokeping -debug-daemon
However, the web page http://localhost/cgi-bin/smokeping/smokeping.fcgi 
does not show the <VERSION> of the smokeping.
I execute the command line < sudo /opt/smokeping/bin/smokeping -version>
the output is nothing.
I check the file 
/opt/smokeping/lib/Smokeping.pm, the $VERSION is equal to "" as shown below:
then I add < 2.6.5>  onto this variable as :
$VERSION = "2.6.5"
execute the command line < sudo /opt/smokeping/bin/smokeping -version> again,
the output will give me <2.6.5>.
Is there something wrong with my smokeping2.6.5 installation that cause the $VERSION="" inside the
/opt/smokeping/lib/Smokeping.pm module ?
thanks for your advice !
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