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Jenny Lee bodycare_5 at live.com
Thu Oct 6 05:46:27 CEST 2011

> Reliance on RPM alone has pitfalls. I was surprised to find that the "current" Apache RPM is by no means current. And this is for a ubiquitous tool!
And this would introduce you to the concept of backporting. Version numbers are not bumped during product cycle but patches are backported.
Apache Range: Exploit was not incorporated until Apache 2.2.1. But Apache RPM on RedHat is 2.2.19... yet is has that patch the same day it is released.
 > RPM may be "easy", but its not always the holy grail answer.
It pretty much is for various reasons including accountability, verification, dependancies and for people who do not want to spend days installing software as if they are writing an operating system from scratch. Autoconf approach at 16, perhaps is alright and fun, but as you grow older and as your machine inventory increases,  it becomes burdensome.
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