[smokeping-users] Problems with a master/slave configuration

Frank Olaf Sem-jacobsen frankose at ifi.uio.no
Sat Dec 8 20:19:54 CET 2012

Dear list subscribers,

I have set up a smoking master (running version 2.6.7) in an Amazon
instance. I have set up multiple slaves at my neighbours houses to try to
debug our Internet connections. These are also running version 2.6.7 (and
some 2.3.6). I believe I have set up the secrets correctly since I get the
slaves to work towards another master, but I am unable to get it to work
towards the Amazon instance.

I am running both the master and the slaves with -- debug-daemon to try to
figure out what happens. It seems that the slaves are able to get the
configuration from the master, and they are able to send the results back
to the master based on the following text in the log:

Sent data to Server. Server said OK

However, I do not see anything in the log at the master. It created the
appropriate rrd files upon the first launch, but they never seem to be
touched thereafter.

So where are my results being sent? Is there any interesting information
other places than in syslog? I am at a bit of a loss, so any help is

Frank Olaf Sem-Jacobsen
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