[smokeping-users] Pulse theme - Check with other versions

Flavio Waechter fwaechter at chvpn.org
Sun Jan 29 02:34:06 CET 2012

Hello list,

I've made a small Smokeping theme named "Pulse" (in fact i just changed 
the layout of the basepage.html). I designed the theme around Smokeping 
v.2.3.6 (as packaged by Debian Sqeeze) and tested it Chrome 16.0.912.77 
and Firefox and it looks good and provides all features.

Now, for further development, i need some "working/notworking" 
statements from people with other versions of Smokeping, other Browsers 
(or same the Browser with a other Version, etc.).

So 5-10 Minutes from your time can save me a lot of work. You just have 
to download a alternatve basepage.html, follow some instructions and 
check if everything runs as expected.

Why do i ask this: I develop a full Monitoring System Package with 
Smokeping and other Monitoring Apps in a bundle. "The Pulse Theme" is 
atm my basis, so i wanna be sure, everything is right with all 
Version/Browser combinations.

Here's a Github Repo with the "Pulse" basepage.html, a little install 
instruction and a Screenshot: https://github.com/fwaechter/pulse

Please send your Reply with your Browser and Version, Operating System 
and Version and other useful informations to: fwaechter at chvpn.org

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Flavio Waechter

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