[smokeping-users] fping6 - where?

K. M. Peterson kmp.lists+smokeping at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 22:39:05 CET 2012


On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 15:06, Lars Thegler <lars at thegler.dk> wrote:
> You need to compile it with a -DIPV6 flag, the resulting executable
> will be IPv6-only, and should be renamed fping6 manually. Not very
> user-friendly, I agree.

Wow!  That's an understatement!

What I eventually did was take the source rpm from rpmforge and
rebuild it.  I found that patched the source I had properly, and the
resulting fping6 works.  (I had not actually rebuilt an rpm before, so
I guess this does turn out to be a learning experience.)

I do have that fping6 binary happily ping6'ing my IPv6 hosts.  Thanks
for giving me enough information that I was able to puzzle it!

P. S. Ken's idea looks good, too, I assume his fping6 works. :-)  He's
also right about using yum priorities; I only enable rpmforge to
install particular packages, and only when the prereqs don't conflict.
 Thanks to you all.

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