[smokeping-users] Smokeping Help | Master Slave config

Darren Murphy darren at victoriajd.com
Mon Jul 30 11:47:52 CEST 2012

On 30 July 2012 16:21, <samy.nashaat at orange.com> wrote:
> I mean its NOW fixed  J
> however I still cannot see any stats from the SLAVE on the Master server
> web interface.

Okay, so check your master smokeping log - are there any errors?
If so, what are they?

The most common problem at this point is that the user that smokeping
runs as does not have permissions to create/update the rrd files.
Check your master config file for the 'datadir' option - this will be
where smokeping stores the rrd files.
Check the permissions on that directory, and make sure your smokeping
user can write to it.

If the permissions look okay, check to make sure the slave rrd files
actually exist.
If they do, look at the timestamps on the files and check if they are
being updated.

If you're still stuck, start your master in debug mode and then check
to see what gets logged. That should provide you with clues.


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