[smokeping-users] three stupid problems.....log file isue, and what to do for restart ? and pid file

Tom Throckmorton throck+smokeping at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 14:06:29 CEST 2012

On 6/23/12 6:01 AM, Ton Muller wrote:
> On 21-6-2012 18:22, Scott Schappell wrote:
>> Suggestions inline (I'm a freebsd user)
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>> Subject: [smokeping-users] three stupid problems.....log file isue, and what
>> to do for restart ? and pid file
>> Ok, long time ago that i posted.
>> after i messed up upgrading my openBSD box, it was smarter to do a
>> complete install again.
>> installed smokeping 2.3 (ports arnt that fast in updating, hehe)
>> downside, i forgot to make latest backups from my smokeping stuff (#$&^#@@)
>> my problem, i am still not able to get logfiles for smokeping.
>> added
>> smokeping_enable="yes"
>> smokeping_logfile="/var/log/smokeping.log"
>> in rc.conf
>> started smokeping.
>> nothing happends.
>> how to fix this ?
>>> touch /var/log/smokeping.log ; chown smokeping /var/log/smokeping.log ;
>> chmod 755 /var/log/smokeping.log
> NO errors, but.. no data written also to it......

The default config has something like:

 syslogfacility = local0

...but your syslog is probably not configured to do anything with
local0; either check/reconfigure syslog to do something with local0, or
change the facility in the config.

>> 2nd, smokeping is saying this when i start it.
>> ERROR: Can not read pid from /var/pid/smokeping/smokeping.pid:
>> Permission denied
>> smokeping directory has 666 glags, and +smokeping as owner and group.
>> how to fix this ?
>>> Owner needs +x to be able to change into the /var/pid/smokeping directory.
>> chmod u=rwx,g=u-w,o=g /var/pid/smokeping (or chmod 755 /var/pid/smokeping)
> FIXED!, works !!!
>> 3th..
>> the most stupid one i guess..
>> why is smokeping --reload not working after adding new stuff?
>> i need to do a smokeping --restart each time.
>>> This one I can't answer.
> wel, i wrote a litle controll script now, it nicely kills smokeping, and
> starts it again...
> tempory fix i guess...

If you get the logging working, and run with --debug or --debug-daemon,
you might get some extra clues as to why --reload isn't working.  It
looks like 2.3.6 (guessing your version) uses the same restart logic as
2.4.x/2.6.x, so it _should_ work.


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