[smokeping-users] How to increase RRD history?

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at alter3d.ca
Mon Mar 5 04:02:32 CET 2012

You have to modify the RRD structure by changing the "*** Database ***" 
section of the config file.   Refer to the docs here:  

The specific settings you need to achieve 6 months of history will 
depend on your 'step' value.   There's a bit of math involved, but it's 
not too hard to figure out (number of seconds in 6 months divided by 
your step value).

The file size of RRD files is static once the file is created -- the 
file size is directly related to how many rows you store in the RRD 
files, and that varies with the amount of history and the levels of 
aggregation you set up.

Note that if you're reconfiguring the RRD files, you'll have to delete 
all of the existing ones (losing the historical data in the process) 
unless you're willing to manually reconfigure all of the existing 
files... Smokeping won't update this automatically.  It's possible to 
port the existing data over to the new configuration, but it's a bit of 

- Pete

On 3/4/2012 9:37 PM, Matt Almgren wrote:
> With the default smokeping installation, I only seem to keep about 3 
> weeks worth of data.  How do increase this to say 6 months?
> Any estimates on database size and growth patterns with that length of 
> history?
> Thanks, Matt
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