[smokeping-users] How to increase RRD history?

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Mar 5 17:51:16 CET 2012

There are three columns in the database section.
"Average" [What kind of calc to do on the "raw" data.]
0.5 [which I don't recall what that means.]
1 [How many "steps" are included in this row.] (The first set are full
resolution data, the others, with say, a 12, means we're going to
aggregate 12 individual samples into 1.) {So, you can tinker with this
aggregation, depending on how you want your non-full-resolution data
aggregated. Perhaps it would be useful, but easier to leave it alone.}

Then, the next column is how many samples we'll keep for this series.
So, if you have one minute samples {step} and want to keep 7 days,
you'll need 7(days)*24(hours)*60(minutes) = 10080 rows.

These aren't files - it's more that if you have hundreds or thousands
of devices you're sampling, there's a lot of them.

I'd guess that I/O would become the problem, not actual disk space.
IIRC, I had three days of full resolution data at 1 minute steps, and
then I left most everything else alone.

That made an 8.5MB file for each device. [i.e. - if I had a 48 port
switch I was monitoring, there were 48 files of 8.5MB each.]

Still, we're not talking very much space, really.

But you'll probably do best to just tinker a bit. Shoot for the moon,
and store 30 days of full resolution data and then run it and see how
big the files are.

[You might find that full res data for a longer time can be traded off
with shorter aggregate data (fewer rows{fourth column}), or more steps aggregated
into one (greater aggregation step {the third column}).]


PK> You have to modify the RRD structure by changing the "*** Database ***"
PK> section of the config file.   Refer to the docs here:  
PK> http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/doc/smokeping_config.en.html

PK> The specific settings you need to achieve 6 months of history will 
PK> depend on your 'step' value.   There's a bit of math involved, but it's
PK> not too hard to figure out (number of seconds in 6 months divided by 
PK> your step value).

PK> The file size of RRD files is static once the file is created -- the 
PK> file size is directly related to how many rows you store in the RRD 
PK> files, and that varies with the amount of history and the levels of 
PK> aggregation you set up.

PK> Note that if you're reconfiguring the RRD files, you'll have to delete
PK> all of the existing ones (losing the historical data in the process) 
PK> unless you're willing to manually reconfigure all of the existing 
PK> files... Smokeping won't update this automatically.  It's possible to 
PK> port the existing data over to the new configuration, but it's a bit of
PK> work.

PK> - Pete

PK> On 3/4/2012 9:37 PM, Matt Almgren wrote:
>> With the default smokeping installation, I only seem to keep about 3 
>> weeks worth of data.  How do increase this to say 6 months?
>> Any estimates on database size and growth patterns with that length of 
>> history?
>> Thanks, Matt
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