[smokeping-users] slaves and web servers

Tom Throckmorton throck+smokeping at gmail.com
Thu May 31 17:06:18 CEST 2012

On 5/30/12 4:26 PM, mail at lists.macscr.com wrote:
> Ok, great. One last question. When I setup two slaves, im assuming the 
> master is still used as a source of information as well? That way I have 
> information being gathered by 3 sources (Master, Slave 1, Slave2)?

It is by default, yes, but can be disabled - see the 'nomasterpoll' option:


> nomasterpoll
>     Use this in a master/slave setup where the master must not poll a particular target. The master will now skip this entry in its polling cycle. Note that if you set the hide property on a non leaf entry all subordinate entries will also disapear in the menu structure. You can still access them via direct link or via an alternate hierarchy.
>     If you have no master/slave setup this will have a similar effect to the hide property, except that the menu entry will still show up, but will not contain any graphs.
>     This variable inherits its value from the parent section if nothing is specified here.
>     Default value: nomasterpoll = no

You can apply that at any level within the Targets section, and it will
be applied to subordinate targets.


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