[smokeping-users] do slaves update their config automatic?

Darren Murphy darren at victoriajd.com
Fri Nov 2 04:50:52 CET 2012

Hi Bert,

On 2 November 2012 03:04, Bert Roelofsen <Bert at samson-it.nl> wrote:
> Hello to all!
> Just asking, the docs seem to be a bit unclear. I have two slaves running smokeping and one master. For the slave to pick up the new config (for example an added target)  I have to restart smokeping on the slave. Is this normal behavior or  should every slave pick-up a new config when delivering it's results to the master. If the latest what would be the best approach to debug my failing system?

No, you should not need to restart your slaves.
Check your slave smokeping log from around the time you updated your
master config.
If all is working correctly, you should see something similar to:

Oct 30 20:27:35 smokeping[22251]: Sent data to Server and got new
config in response.
Oct 30 20:27:35 smokeping[22251]: server has new config for me ...
HUPing the parent

The next step will depend on what you see in the log. If you see
nothing at all, then you may need to start your slave in debug mode so
that you can capture some more information.


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