[smokeping-users] gid problems

G.W. Haywood ged at jubileegroup.co.uk
Thu Apr 18 12:26:04 CEST 2013

Hi there,

On Thu, 18 Apr 2013, Lee Elliott wrote:

> ... when I installed the two instances of smokeping, on their
> respective servers, they installed with different uids & gids to
> each other.  I elected to amend the uid & gid of the 'master'
> instance, to bring them in line with each other, because the
> corresponding uid & gid was already in use on the 'slave' system.

Why?  There is generally no need at all to do that, and as you have
seen it can lead to problems to mess around with system-generated
configurations unless you know *exactly* what you're doing.

> The first problem I'm now experiencing is that ...
> The second problem is that ...

Unsurprising that you have such problems.  The safest way to both fix
the problems and have the UID and GID you appraently want would be to
remove Smokeping entirely from the master, create the appropriate users
and groups with the desired UIDs and GIDs, and then reinstall Smokeping.

You might instead look for the directories containing the RRD, cache and
image files and check that they have the correct ownership/group/sticky
settings.  I assume that you've checked the /etc/passwd and /etc/group
files to make sure that they contain the correct information.



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