[smokeping-users] Get packet loss data in last ten days graph

Alessandro Palermo ok.aless at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 16:42:46 CEST 2013

Hi list.
I'm monitoring around 300 wan links with fping probe with no problem. I
have tuned smokeping to get more information I have added a plugin to show
the lasts median rtt in a gauges view and a link to show the information
about the route of each wan links and record the changes in the routes.
Now I want to create a report to monitoring the packet loss in the last ten
day and send a mail with the graph of the links that have a  packet loss
greater than 5% per example.
How can i get this value for the .rrd files? I've been inspected the rrd
files but I just see the last loss value.

Thanks in advance
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