[smokeping-users] Smokeping probe with Rasberrypi (Rasbian/Debian) problem + solution. Do you have a better one perhaps?

ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr
Tue Feb 26 10:41:55 CET 2013

I did get it to run for the fping probe, the reason I was having trouble
in the first place was a little stupid (the path for the fping probe was
different on the slave) as I have written to the list before. I believe
it would run fine with the packaged version and in fact I am willing to
try again with a clean install of rasbian. It may take a while for me to
make an image and upload it anywhere as I am a person willing to try
things that I don't have 100% understanding off and I usually get by,
but packaging a disk image is not something I know how to do (yet). Also
I would have to strip down any company related information (such as logs
that show internal addressing etc). I am willing to give it a try though
as soon as I get the time. I am willing to give it a shot with a suse
installation as well (I haven't started yet).
So if you want to give this a try, go with the rasbian image and install
all the needed packages as detailed in the documentation. You don't need
all for the slave as it will never serve http content, so you can leave
apache and fcgi out. You will find packages for almost everything (which
is impressive, especially for echoping), so go with apt-get install all
the way.
After you install CPAN I would install all the necessary packages for
Perl through there. And finally, after you install the smokeping package
you will find that the configuration file is broken down in smaller
ones. Not a bad idea I believe. It's in the /etc path if I remember
Remember finally to put the correct path for fping executable for the pi
slave in an override section as described in the documentation (that is
where I had trouble).
I am willing to share any information you find usefull provided I am not
giving out sensitive company information (as I described before). I
would like to test the devices more thoroughly to see how reliant they
are for a smokeping slave for long periods of measuring. In my trials I
have not yet managed to get echoping to work on the slave (not sure what
is wrong). I must find more time to try again. If I have enough time I
may try to make a more presentable how-to. It would help if there are
more out there trying it out, so we can correct each other.
I wanted to include a small pic from smokeping showing the graph from
the rasberrypi slave, but as the format for the list is plain text, I
will email it directly to you. Right now I am trying to convince my
supervisor and the administration to get some for a long term project
(easily deployed performance monitoring probes for network voice
readiness and troubleshooting).
If you haven't bought a pi yet, I can not stress enough the importance
of having a proper power source. Get one from the beginning, it will
save you a lot of time from troubleshooting later.
I would be very interested on what you mean by combining nagios with
smokeping, as I am using both for performance and status monitoring in
the company network (and mrtg of course, trying to get something to run
on mrtg with rrd these days). Email me directly if you like.

Ioannis Theodoridis
Network & Systems Engineer
Network & Telecommunications Support
Bank of Greece

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(Rasbian/Debian) problem + solution. Do you have a better one perhaps?

If you get it running on Pi, I'd be very interested in a how-to, or a
disk image. [Provided you're willing to share.]

I almost ordered a Pi board the other day - I was going to setup a MAME
box, and thought it would be wonderfully handy for a lot of other

I have started combining Smokeping+Nagios [Nagios for better
reporting/alerting] so perhaps I could take on that part of the

Anyway - it's a very cool idea, on cool hardware! [Literally.]


On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 3:23 AM, G.W. Haywood <ged at jubileegroup.co.uk>
> Hi there,
> On Fri, 22 Feb 2013, ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr wrote:
>> ...
>> I believe the slave takes the path for the probe from the master.
> Correct.
>> Is there any way I can change that on the probe? Without using that 
>> symbolic link?
> Yes.  It's well documented.
> http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/doc/smokeping_config.en.html
> look for the second occurrence of 'binary'
> and/or
> http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/doc/smokeping_master_slave.en.html
> look for 'Probes.FPing.binary'
> --
> 73,
> Ged.
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