[smokeping-users] NTP probe

Philip Kizer pckizer at nostrum.com
Thu Jun 13 16:37:57 CEST 2013

> On 13 June 2013 05:03, Clinton Work <clinton at scripty.com> wrote:
>> I have been thinking about writing an NTP probe.   I started by looking
>> at the ntpdate utility, but it doesn't provide options for the query

> On 2013, Jun 13, at 04:45, Paul Mansfield <paul.mansfield+smokeping at grapeshot.co.uk> wrote:
> ntpq -c lpeers might reveal useful information about how "far away" a peer is?

Since I use multiple tools for different purposes mine aren't done directly in smokeping, though I do use ping for some things.   It is pretty easy to add an NTP monitor to those other tools: nagios has the built-in check, and it's trivial to add a graph to cacti (here's a host that this discussion made me realize had an issue that needed correcting the other day):

If you really want to add something to smoking, there are various examples from those other monitoring systems you might be able to convert over.

The one I had grabbed back when I added NTP graphing uses:

	/usr/bin/ntpq -c \"host $host\" -c ass -c rv

but I did not save a reference to where I got it from, but perhaps you want to look at the these others that are similar:


for potential conversion to smokeping if that's your preferred tool.


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