[smokeping-users] help me - graphs

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Dec 16 01:11:37 CET 2014

Check the FAQ

Some additional tips:
Run smokeping in debug mode "--debug"
This would help diagnose problems with smokeping not being able to *write* the data to the RRDs

Review the apache logs. In particular, you're looking for errors [403's, IIRC] and the like. This indicates a problem *reading* the RRD files.

Fixing the issue is left as an exercise for the reader.

If the tips above don't help, and you post back looking for more help, please tell us:
1) What Linux distro and version are you using. [Or other OS]
2) How did you install smokeping [compile or via a package.]
3) What version of smokeping?
4) Your smokeping config file(s)


Deaer, i have new instalation of smokeping at the Ubuntu server.
I have only terminal.
and my grahs are there :-(

Please where I have problem? thank you for your help.
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