[smokeping-users] Master/Slave Setup: Data Sync after disonnect

Kaunzner, Christoph Christoph.Kaunzner at sonydadc.com
Fri Dec 19 15:39:31 CET 2014

Hi all,
I try to setup a master/slave setup in smokeping. So far I got it to run fine when the slave has a connection to the master:
RRD's are updated fine and correctly shown on the webpage. Now afaik when the slave can't send data to the master,
it caches its data in a cache file. When connection is established again, the gaps in the graphs should be filled in with the cached data.

Now I simulate a connection interrupt with a iptables rule dropping all traffic to the master server. I can see a cache file getting created and feeling up. However when I then disable my iptables rule the gaps in the graphs are not filled in although the logs says "Sent data to Server. Server said OK".

Can you help me debugging this problem?

Centos 6.5
Perl.x86_64      4:5.10.1-136.el6


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