[smokeping-users] edgetrigger

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Feb 21 06:11:00 CET 2014

PW> I am currently building out our smokeping implementation and all
PW> is going fantastic. However, due to specific needs, I am piping
PW> alerts via edgetrigger to an external python script. I pulled my
PW> hair out for nearly five hours debugging my script because the
PW> 'cleared' argument was not firing my python script although the
PW> built in alerts would.  I then discovered with a two liner bash
PW> script that echo'd the args from smokeping that the expected '0'
PW> on cleared is not being passed--only the 1 when raised. 

PW> I did my due diligence searching the list archives and if course
PW> google. However, I was only able to find one mention of the issue but no fix or remedy.

PW> Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. 

I can't offer any guidance - my solution to the very basic reporting
in SP was to query the RRD's with a Nagios plug-in and use Nagios for

Nagios can't generate alerts with the same elaborate criteria that SP
does, but basic criteria work fine for me.

In short, I think trying to handle reporting/alerting with SP is kind
of nuts. [No offense to you, I tried too at one point - and I gave up.
So, if anyone is nuts, I'm grouping myself with the "nuts" too.]

I'd guess with 5 more hours, you could integrate this all in Nagios...

[And I should mention that I can't get the detail I can get in SP with
Nagios, so I don't use Nagios to actually gather stats on these targets,
only SP. I use each tool where its strengths lie. SP for stats, and
Nagios for alerts/reports.]

But perhaps you're doing something else in your python script - but
thought I'd offer my work-around for SP's minimal alerting.



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