[smokeping-users] Graph from FPing6 on slave not working

meepmeep meepmeep at fantasya.org
Mon Mar 10 08:46:13 CET 2014

As it was a new folder (ipv6/), permissions weren't set correctly. 
And I was looking in the wrong log file (nothing about the permission error in /var/log/message and syslog). 

Thank you for the help. 

Nicolas G. 

> Le 10 mars 2014 à 01:05, Gregory Sloop <gregs at sloop.net> a écrit :
> [Top posting]
> Check the apache logs on the master and see if Apache is able to write the data from the slaves to the RRD's. [My guess is, it can't.]
> Apache [or, more accurately, the user who Apache runs as] will have to have write access to the RRD's. 
> This can also be caused by Apparmour, or SELinux. [If the above doesn't fix it, then try running these in permissive mode.]
> -Greg
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