[smokeping-users] nomasterpoll still creates RRDs

Adam Lis adam.lis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 19:18:49 CET 2014


I'm using Smokeping 2.6.9 and defined target subgroup with
"nomasterpoll = yes" present in config.

Seems this works quite well - on web interface I see no graphs for
tests taken from master host. But still at restart or config reload of
Smokeping daemon it keeps creating RRDs for these hosts.

So assuming I test host 'foo' from slave 'bar' I get two files in
certain RRDs directory:


You might have guess that "foo.rrd" is not expected here.

Seems it would be not so big problem if my RRDs would be smaller. In
fact my RRDs are quite big. But even if there would be smaller RRDs,
this still would not look well.

Both slave and master running on Debian 7, Smokeping 2.6.9 "compiled"
from .tar.gz - seems to me that unnecessary RRDs are recreated by
deamon part of Smokeping, not the Web part (maybe due to fact
webserver user do not have right to create files there?)

Any option to fix this by config or anyhow?


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