[smokeping-users] Read target hostname/IP from a script's output

Ralf G. R. Bergs Ralf+SmokePing at bergs.biz
Thu Oct 30 16:02:03 CET 2014

Hi Gregory.

Thanks for your response.

On 2014-10-30 15:13 , Gregory Sloop wrote:
> Re: [smokeping-users] Read target hostname/IP from a script's output
> *RGRB> How can I set up SmokePing so that instead of a fixed hostname the
> RGRB> output of the above script can be used?
> *
> A) Use your script and extend it to re-write the target fqdn/ip in
> your smokeping configuration and then restart smokeping to load it.
That's ugly. I also had that idea and discarded it immediately. ;-)
> B) Use a dynamic IP service like dyndns, and put in the dyndns fqdn in
> your smokeping config, and use the script to update where the dyndns
> FQDN points to. This will get a new dns lookup every time smokeping
> runs it, and so will always point at the correct target, as long as
> your script works.
I considered a slightly more elegant solution, but still find it not to
be /as/ elegant and simple as I want it to be.

My idea was to use "nsupdate" to update an internal dynamic zone in my
DNS (which is similar to what you suggest, but "more elegant" in that it
doesn't rely upon an external service). But I discarded that as well
since I thought it was kind of "overkill," and I didn't know whether
SmokePing would eventually cache the nameserver lookup.

Any other ideas, anyone?

Thank you.


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