[smokeping-users] File paths not seeing what it is I'm doing wrong.

David Thompson dthompson at esi-estech.com
Fri Oct 31 15:51:40 CET 2014

Just installed a fresh instance of Smokeping and none of my images are
loading for some reason. The files are there when I download them to my
desktop machine I can open it up and view it. Here is a copy and paste from
my pathnames file.

sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail

imgcache = /var/cache/smokeping/images

imgurl   = ../smokeping/images

datadir  = /var/lib/smokeping

piddir  = /var/run/smokeping

smokemail = /etc/smokeping/smokemail

tmail = /etc/smokeping/tmail

I’ve tried editing imgurl to be the full path of
/var/cache/smokeping/images and restarted both Apache and Smokeping to no
avail. I’m not out of disk space either. Any ideas of what it is I’m doing
wrong are appreciated.

David Thompson
Network Services Support Technician
(O) 858.357.8794
(F) 858-225-1882
(E) dthompson at esi-estech.com
(W) www.esi-estech.com
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