[smokeping-users] Smokeping and tcpPing fix for empty graphs

Áki Hermann Barkarson Aki.Barkarson at advania.is
Tue Sep 9 16:42:26 CEST 2014

Hi guys,

We had an issue when installing tcpping that it simply didn't work. After debugging we found that the configuration example included here http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/probe/TCPPing.en.html

This "tcptraceroute = -e "sudo /bin/tcptraceroute"" is likely supposed to point to the tcptraceroute executable but the scripts for tcpping that we found aren't accepting this variable.. also the TCPPing.pm detects that variable and adds another -e infront.. so.. all we got was garble.

This is painful to debug and i saw multiple users having similar issues posting and few with any solutions.. here is what we did.

Simply place tcpping and tcptraceroute in the same folder (we used /usr/bin/) and empty the "tcptraceroute =" variable in smokeping config.

Nota bene, this still gives some weird "TCPPing: Received: GLOB(0x36ac050)" output in debug but the graphs are updating and it seems to work fine.

Our working config example:


binary = /usr/bin/tcpping # mandatory
forks = 5
offset = 50%
step = 300
tcptraceroute =
timeout = 15

# The following variables can be overridden in each target section
pings = 5
port = 80

We used tcpping from: http://www.darkskies.za.net/~norman/scripts/tcpping
We used tcptraceroute from centos base repo (i think)

Optionally someone should fix this issue.. Add tcpping option to handle -e and remove -e from the configuration example (since tcpping.pm adds it

       " push @cmd, '-e', $self->{properties}{tcptraceroute};" ).

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