[smokeping-users] SmokePing & OTRS integration

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Mar 13 17:32:32 CET 2015

[And I go and forget to post to the list again too! <grumble>]

Sheesh. You're the third person this week - asking about the same basic issue.

See the docs. In the "alerts" section, see the "To" option and how you can use a "|" to run a script for alerts, instead of sending email.

That should allow you to do whatever you need.

...And more people should actually read the docs a bit. I mean, really, the docs around the "To" option are one paragraph and the pipe to run a script is nearly impossible to miss, IMO, if you'd read it. [And reading that seems *required* reading to accomplish any notifications at all, and that's what you're asking about...]

...and yes, I'll quit kvetching again now too! :)



Could you please refer me to a source taking about the above-mentioned topic.

I would to automatically create tickets on OTRS whenever SmokePing raises an alarm.


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