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Russell Dwarshuis rjd at merit.edu
Tue Mar 24 15:20:29 CET 2015

Your are not including the password parameter in Net::SSH::Expect->new so the module will try to use the files in your ~/.ssh directory.  If you are running smokeping as a different user, the files are probably not there or contain the wrong information.

I see you are trying to send the password with $ssh->waitfor('word:') and $ssh->exec("$pssword").  Remove that and include password => $pssword in Net::SSH::Expect->new and it will log in for you.  If that doesn't work, the prompts that the module looks for to log in may need to be changed from deafult.  See string login() in the documentation.

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23.03.2015 22:14, Dan O'Neill пишет: 

There are two built-in probes. 


I use AnotherSSH and it works fine. 



Thank you, but these probes are for ssh delay measurement, not for connecting cisco router over ssh and ping from it. 

I tried to rewrite TelnetIOSPing using Net::SSH::Expect , but, for some , unknown to me, reason it doesn't work. 
When I start almost the same script, I got normal output, but if I start it from smokeping- I got no output from ssh. 
This is what I get in debug output file: 

Connection is a ok 
Waiting for authWaiting for auth done 

I.e. there is no ssh output available at all :-( 
And the same code works OK if I start it from command line in console... 

Probe is attached, may be somebody can help me to find out what I'm doing wrong? 

Thank you! 

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 5:08 AM, Dmitry Melekhov < dm at belkam.com > wrote: 


For yeas I'm using TelnetIOSPing and everything is fine. 
But now I need to use ssh for one cisco router- I have ssh access there, but 
I'm not admin there , i.e. I have full access, but on administative level I can't change router config 
and enable telnet access :-( 
Is there probe with the same functions as TelnetIOSPing but with ssh access? 
Thank you! 

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