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It’s probably not enough of a sample size but if I just use 1 speedtest host local to my city it shows the correct download speeds as I’d suspected.

This is evidenced by http://wrt.asuscomm.com:81/smokeping/?target=Speedtest.Download.Tata_Technologies_Pune_Down
Looking at the Last 30 hours or Last 10 day graphs you can see where I configured it to use just 1 host, then multihost, then back down to 1 host.

It could well be a speedtest.net issue with me hitting multiple servers and they just not liking it.
Obviously the probe is reporting the correct values given to it by speedtest-cli

Also any idea why the Y axis pulls “var units” from Smokeping.pm unlike other multihost graphs?
Could these 2 issues be related?

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“var units” is being pulled from line 892 in smokeping.pm
# if there are multiple units ... lets say so ...
                if ($ProbeUnit ne $probe->ProbeUnit()){
                    $ProbeUnit = 'var units';

Any idea why only Speedtest multihost graphs pull that value?

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I don't know why the measurement unit is not correct for multigraphs, but I have tested the plugin and it can correctly display bandwidths of hundreds of Mbps. Note, that speedtest-cli values are generally lower than what you get from the speedtest web interface. Also, they will likely vary in time.
On 10/19/15 21:29, STR . wrote:
Thanks for a great probe!
I think there may be some minor issues still.

I don’t see any of the hosts show me more than 2Mb/s download, which is incorrect as it should be close to 7.5 – 8 Mb/s
I understand the upload tests might be skewed given the low upload ADSL has.
Some more testing with just the speedtest node closest to me should shed some light on this.

On the speedtest multihost graphs, only on the main overview page, the legend for Y axis displays “var units” instead of “bps”.
Example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/314525/MultiHost_mini.png

When I open the multihost page, the Y axis is correctly called “bps”.
Example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/314525/MultiHost_last_10800.png

Why would multihost only change it for speedtest, none of the other multihost graphs display this issue?
Example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/314525/MultiHost_DNSmini.png

-          S

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Sweet, Thanks for your contribution!
On 10/17/15 03:57, STR . wrote:
Of course, it’s been so long I touched Smokeping configurations I forgot multihost and I use it for DNS!

So get and choose servers in your city/country list from speedtest-cli:

speedtest-cli --list|grep -w Germany



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