[smokeping-users] Thai characters page title display issue

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I should’ve looked at the smokeping config again, need to define “charset = utf-8” to resolve the issue.
By default, SmokePing assumes the 'iso-8859-15' character set.

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In my config, I have a target named:
+++ myhost2
title = ä·Â ä·Â | zombieTH ʧ¤ÃÒÁ Engineer I

This displays correctly in the rrd graph itself, but the same title is garbled in the HTML page title output of http:///smokeping/?target=network.TF2.myhost2<http://smokeping/?target=network.TF2.myhost2>
Seems like an encoding issue, as changing encoding="iso-8859-15" to encoding="utf-8" in basepage.html doesn’t fix it.
The actual target status page seems to be generated by code elsewhere.

# file -i basepage.html
basepage.html: application/xml; charset=us-ascii

And since
# file -i config
config: text/x-c++; charset=utf-8

Is it being re-encoded incorrectly when that page is generated?
How do I fix this?

-          S
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