[smokeping-users] how to get fastcgi working under Ubuntu 16.04?

newsboonie newsboonie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 18:49:43 CEST 2016


I've recently upgraded my Ubuntu VPS to 16.04 and broke all sorts of 
things by doing that. Smokeping is working again but when searching for 
info I found that it does not seem to be normal that a page needs like 
20 seconds to load. I think fastcgi is the solution for that. However, 
I've googled several hours and tested all sorts of commands but I cannot 
get any speed improvement.

I have 123 hosts, is it normal to have a initial page load time of 20+ 

If a page is loaded and I click another page it will again take a long 
time. If I then click on the same page as before it is much quicker. So 
it seems to be cached for a while.

Can anyone provide a (draft?) description of how to get fastcgi working 
with smokeping in Ubuntu? I'll be testing first on a VM before applying 
on my VPS. If I can get this going, I'm willing to make a webpage 
describing the procedure as there do seem to be more people strugling.

Any help is welcome.

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