[smokeping-users] about cisco icmp poller limit

yuan song songyuan007 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 09:05:40 CEST 2016

recently i applied smokeping at cisco asr1002 router with probe:
everything works fine until one day i add about 20 more icmp ioshost.

i got no graph with /var/log/message as follow:
RTTCommunity at supports 2.2.0 Round Trip Time MIB

then i tried to delete the config file and create a new one with only
2 imcp ioshost, then the graph got back.

So my question: is there any up-limit for cisco icmp poller(all in one
asr router) for smokeping?

My Config file list here:

*** Probe ***

*** Targets ***
+ Test
++ yp ------ jq
menu = yp ------ jq
probe = CiscoRTTMonEchoICMP
host =
ioshost = RTTCommunity at
iosint =
pings = 10

i keep other config as default with no change at all.

Thank you very much!

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