[smokeping-users] Losspatterns

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Feb 11 18:56:54 CET 2016

HCDas> we are using fping with "blazemode=true" and currently this pattern =
HCDas> <100%,>20%,>20%

Then the loss is not just "in the middle" - you're losing packets between you and the destination. Those are NOT false positives.

Whether that loss is _material_ to you or not, is perhaps another question. [That's a weird pattern, IMO. One sample of anything less than 100%, followed by two samples of greater than 20%? - so a 1%, 20%, 21% would trigger it. I doubt that's what you intend.]

What's the sample interval? 60s? 5m? Something else?

If it matters, I tend to select low thresholds over longer periods of time. Say, three samples of 5-15% or more over 10-20 minutes. [The levels depend on the nature of the connection I'm monitoring. I also sample every minute.]

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