[smokeping-users] RRD files being created, but the graphs are not updating

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Jun 1 21:44:44 CEST 2016

This was a working distributed environment with 8 slaves, all running on 14.04 with smokeping 2.006008.

Had a reboot of the smokeping master this am and have had crazy problems ever since. As part of the troubleshooting for this, we upgraded the master to 2.006011

Cannot display graphs, even the master tests. In the directories, the .slave_cache files are being created. But, the corresponding rrd files are not being updated. 

The smokeping_secrets file is really strange now. Before it was 600 smokeping:smokeping and everything worked. After the update, once the master process is up, I have to set it to 640 smokeping:www-data to get the slaves to connect. Otherwise I get this error on the slave:
* Starting latency logger daemon smokeping
    WARNING: Opening secrets file /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets: Permission denied

    ERROR: we did not get config from the master. Maybe we are not configured as a slave for any of the targets on the master ?

Any ideas what is going on, or where I can look? The lack of graphs from the master is really confusing

Apache is Apache/2.4.7
RRDTool is 1.5.5

It sounds like a permissions issue.
How much time have you spent trying to make sure permissions are correct?

[It sounds like you know what you're doing, but this is a common issue and virtually always it runs down as a permission issue. My apologies if that doesn't fit your case, but it sure sounds likely.]

The master RRD's need to be able to write to the files/directory as whomever smokeping is running as.
The slave RRD's need to be writeable as whatever web-server you're using is running as. [Apache]
[To *write* the data from smokeping/fping et al.]

Both need read access for the web-server/apache. [To *display* the graph data.]

I don't recall exactly what users those typically are for Ubuntu 14 - but double check.

Quick, note if the RRD's are getting their time-stamps updated as new data should get written. If not, you've got a write problem.
If they are, you've got a read problem.

I have no idea why the permissions would have changed though.

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