[smokeping-users] RRD files being created, but the graphs are not updating

Dan O'Neill dano at northpb.com
Wed Jun 1 22:57:29 CEST 2016


Let me walk through an example of my configuration and the permissions
changes required. I add slaves frequently and have this process somewhat

- Slave is called c2nyc
- Hierarchy is client -> boatsrus -> ping boatsrus.com
- Apache user is www-data
- Apache group is www-data

Steps on the Master:
1. cd /var/lib/smokeping
2. chgroup www-data boatsrus
3. chmod g+w boatsrus
4. cd boatsrus
5. chgrp www-data *c2nyc.rrd
6. chmod g+w *c2nyc.rrd

And that is pretty much the permissions structure that works.


Separately, what error are you seeing on the slave side?


On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 1:47 PM, masonke <masonke at gmail.com> wrote:

> This really looks like a permissions issue, but I just can’t find it. In
> desperation, I made all the red files and directories that hold them 777,
> just to see what would happen. It did not change anything.
> It is almost like the process that moves the data from the slave.cache
> files into the rrd file is not running.  If I reboot the master, all the
> backlogged slave_cache data is added to the rrd and you can see it on the
> graphs.
> Really is a crazy thing with the secrets file, the error is on the slave,
> not the master.
> I will can the whole thing and restart from scratch if I can’t get it
> fixed by noon tomorrow.
> ~KEM
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