[smokeping-users] Multi output probe

Erik Taraldsen eriktar at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 12:02:16 CET 2017


I have a spesific problem which I'm debuging for.  Currently I use curl
from the CLI, but it is a bit ad-hock.  I would like to have more long term
statistics, and a more visual feedback to emphesize the issues.

The catch is that I realy would like multiple outputs from curl.  The DNS
lookup time, the initial tcp syn-ack (time_connect) and the total time.  Is
it possible to make one probe generate three graphs?

while true; do curl -o /dev/null -s -w "%{time_namelookup} %{time_connect}
%{time_total}\n" http://www.online.no/; sleep 1; done
0.005 0.011 0.047
0.005 0.011 0.045
0.004 0.010 0.046
0.005 0.011 0.053
0.005 0.011 0.039

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