[smokeping-users] Is it possible to get an alerts status page in Smokeping?

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Jul 28 22:27:40 CEST 2017

One word.

There a smokeping plug-in, and it will allow you to set conditions for warning and critical states in Nagios. They're not as elaborate as SP's conditions, but I have yet to see a real-life setup where something more than a simple ">X% loss is a 'warning' event and >Y% is a 'critical' event" is really useful anyway.

I have Nagios do ALL my notifications. [Though I do have a MTR that gets run and sent from Smokeping on some events - but I don't consider that "notification" - I just use it for additional leverage against the problem provider/ISP/host.]

And Nagios has more useful querying tools than SP.
Essentially I use SP as a "quality" tool. [What's going on with a connection, quality wise.]
Nagios is my "quantitative" tool. [Is the connection up or down, and what's its history.]

IMO, using a qualitative tool to do quantitative duty is usually pretty painful.


K> I have just started using SmokePing and have set it up with about
K> 40 hosts. Everything seems to be working well and I have two alerts
K> set up. One of which is based on packet loss to indicate when a host is down.

K> There are two things missing from my naive and basic setup. The
K> first one I think I have a solution for already.

K> The second one is a simple status page that someone could look at
K> and see a list of all the hosts that are currently under an alert condition.

K> I mainly need to see a list of everything that's down, but it
K> would be nice to be able to see hosts that are also triggering the high latency alert as well.

K> Is there some configuration I could do with the charts to show
K> something like this, or some kind of add on script that would build such a page for us.

K> Thanks,
K> Kevin
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