[smokeping-users] Alerting when a Slave stops sending data

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Sun Apr 22 20:29:43 CEST 2018

This is an awesome idea - and one I've wished for in the past - but never got around to working on.
Checking the slave data files modification times seems plausible as a way to check updates - but you'd have to test to be sure. [IIRC that will work though.]

Personally, I'd probably try to write it in bash - or something completely external to smokeping. [Bash because of few dependicies - though you'll probably want/need something like sendemail for email notifications...

If slaves are behind NAT or something similar, you'll have to have a way to get to the slave for handling a restart, but that's really outside the scope of what you're doing. 

Honestly, simply getting notification that a slave is not pushing updates would be more than enough - even without the restart.

Sounds fab to me. And I can't think of a better way, off hand.



I have a Debian Jessie box with Smokeping 2.6 installed on it.

It receives data from Slaves over the Internet (10 slaves or so).
Each Slave roughly monitors xDSL or fiber links.

Every monday, I can see that data from one or two slaves is missing.
Then I remotely restart smokeping service on slave where data is missing.

I would like to implement something like:

- if no data at all from Slave for a given period of time, then restart Slave's smokeping service and send a Notice email

- if no data at all from Slave for a longer period of time and Slave's restart already attempted, then send a Warning email

As Slaves data is stored on a known directory ins Master's filesystem, I think I can detect when data from a slave has not been lately  modified, reading directories of files modification times.

Is there a better way to do so ? Alert's settings seem more appropriate when WAN links in my case, are slower.

Best regards

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