[smokeping-users] TCPPing Probe issue

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Sun Nov 4 20:18:33 CET 2018

It's been a billion years [ok, perhaps a few less than that] since I've has an active TCP Ping probe - but I never had that problem when I was using it, at least that I can recall.

Running smokeping in debug mode might allow you to see what's actually coming in - that may or may not be helpful.
How does your TCP ping behave when run at the CLI without smokeping? Does it produce the proper results?

Other than starting there as a troubleshooting/debug step, I don't have any other great ideas.
My gut feeling: I'm doubtful this is a smokeping issue. If I were to guess it's how your TCP probe is returning values - in a way that is either wrong or in a format that isn't as smokeping expects.



I am using TCPPing probe for a number of hosts and it works as expected when the host is up and the port is open. If the host is offline or the port is closed smokeping still graphs a value, 250ms. I would expect to see no data in this case. Any ideas?
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