[smokeping-users] Interpreting information in consolidated graphs

Garry Glendown garry.glendown at nethinks.com
Thu Nov 22 09:21:07 CET 2018


I tried to find info on this in the docs and on the web, but may have
searched with the wrong keywords ... maybe somebody can confirm my
observations/assumptions ...

On the consolidated graphs, e.g. the 10 day graph, the values for packet
loss and latency covers 12 minute blocks. Are those values calculated as
average of that time range, or are those the max/min values of the
underlying original data? Looking at the consolidated graphs, I would
assume it's the max/min values, as the same loss coloring and latency
ranges of the worst 1 minute interval seem to be plotted (for data that
I still have the 1min values) ... while on the one hand this does help
in order to estimate the impact, it would be nice to ALSO have the
average of packet loss ... as in my case, a customer had some issues,
and while I can say that in the time frame in question there were at
most 2 packets out of 20 lost, I can not say whether the 10% packet loss
occurred throughout the whole 12 minutes, or whether it was just a
single 1 minute interval.

Thanks, -garry

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