[smokeping-users] Distro's Smokeping package maintainers - Please review example systemd unit files

Gabriel Filion gabster at lelutin.ca
Sat Mar 16 04:54:33 CET 2019


On 2019-03-13 7:53 p.m., STR . wrote:
> If you package Smokeping for your distro, please give these two systemd
> unit files a quick once over. These are just examples for inclusion -
> https://github.com/Strykar/SmokePing/pull/1/commits/3a0a4e3135382c3bd017d2839d23dee75bdc629d
> https://github.com/Strykar/SmokePing/pull/2/commits/78f4abaed43a28e7837dfd867aa79e26421ac365
> --nodaemon is used with the master but slaves need to specify a PID,
> see https://github.com/oetiker/SmokePing/issues/44
> They should help close https://github.com/oetiker/SmokePing/issues/101

Here's the unit that I've added to the debian package:


and the example override that can be used for enabling slave mode:


neither of them use --no-daemon, but instead Type=forking is specified.
What I like about this is that it makes differences between both modes
minimal, and you can switch from one to the other by simple overriding
the ExecStart instruction.

to create those, I did copy the example from Orsisir de Jong (dejean) in
issue 44 and adapt it to the debian pakaging standard (e.g. basically
add documentation).

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