[smokeping-users] Commercial support services for Smokeping?

Brough Turner brough at netblazr.com
Thu Mar 21 16:05:39 CET 2019

Can anyone suggest an organization or individual that provides support
services for Smokeping installations?
Off-list direct offers are also welcome.

We're a wireless ISP with ~8000 devices being tracked by 7 separate
Smokeping boxes (very lite-weight devices at diverse locations). Their
lists of monitored addresses get automatically updated each night based on
new devices discovered by our NetXMS network management system.  We've
scaled from one server and 250 devices in 2012 to our current network
fairly well, but we're understaffed right now and we need better UI
response, i.e. we need to centralize the UI function on a better server
than the separate light-weight in-net boxes.


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