[smokeping-users] Smokeping filter graphs show by loss or latency i selected time

Jacek Sołtys jacek at wlantech.pl
Thu Mar 21 09:08:41 CET 2019


I have about 2k devices in 2 smokeping

and ill be very glad if there will be posibility to use manual filter

which be works like "charts" menu

search acros all devices in smokeping


Latency higher than -> eg 30ms
or Lose higher than ->

duration  ex from 6pm - to 10 pm

and it show only problematic hosts
in selected hours

now we have charts but there is no way to
show only problematic host in last evenings

or at least just show host last XX hours with
latency higher than xx ms  or lose higher than

one big thing it should be presented in order like in host config
due to monitor many host from single ap

Jacek Soltys
jacek at wlantech.pl

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