[mrtg] HPUX MRTG question

Peter J. Kassies crash at cable.a2000.nl
Fri Aug 20 13:26:35 MEST 1999

Dear Jay,

I saw your notes on monitoring HPUX servers in the MRTG list. They were a
great help on getting information out of the HP mib. But I do have a

I read in your email the following:
CPU load - users      
CPU load - system     
CPU idle              
CPU nice              

Now if I do an SNMP walk on these mibvariables I get the output, but am
puzzeled what it means. The output is the following:

enterprises. = 8599
enterprises. = 3423
enterprises. = 7796437
enterprises. = 549

If I do it multiple times the output of the mib variables increase.
Hmm, if I do TOP, I see CPU idle 99,7%. How do I recalculate the 7796437 to
some sensible number?????

Any help is appreciated.


Walking on water

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