[mrtg] Re: NON SNMP Graphing

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Dec 16 09:49:15 MET 1999

Muhammad Masroor Akram wrote:
> Hello there....
> Can anynbody tell me, how can graph a text file.
> Actually my text file has 50 to 60 lines, i need MRTG to count those lines and graph it
> the text file resides on my local hard drive and it is being updated every 40 seconds.
> Can anybidy tell me the way out of this problem.

Read the file config.txt in the doc directory.  Search for "external"
and for "gauge".

Write a script that returns the number of lines in your file, make sure
it has the correct format for mrtg as described in the config.txt file.

You don't write what your OS is so I have to assume it is linux:

Something like:

----cut here----
LINES=`wc -l < myfile.txt`
echo $LINES
echo 0
uptime|sed 's/load average.*$//'
----cut here----

And then as target for mrtg:

----cut here----
Target[myfile]: `/the/full/path/to/above/script`
Options[myfile]: gauge,growright
----cut here----

with the usual other stuff.

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