[mrtg] Re: Logfile problem

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Dec 29 12:04:02 MET 1999

Microbus AB, Mikael Kanstrup wrote:
> I ran into some problems after I've changed the system time a couple of 
> times for testing a development project I'm working on. Didn't think of the 
> mrtg process running so when changing time back to "normal" time mrtg told 
> me that time was older than the last in my logfile.
> Ok, not a big problem I thought so I started to remove the lines with wrong 
> time in all my logfiles. After this I checked that mrtg still worked and 
> removed my backup log files.
> Now, after a week or so, I see that neither week, nor year graphs are 
> beeing updated ok. Looks like updates are done once or twice a week, even 
> though the five minute graph is fine.

Once you've altered the logfile, nothing is sure.  There is a description
in the doc directory, read that.  Look carefully at the line numbers
and look in rateup.c to see what's happening.  Then say "not a big
problem" again.

You really should revert to your backup files ...
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