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Stieers, Ken KStieers at DainRauscher.com
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If you just run "perl cfgmaker public at ipaddr" , cfgmaker just puts the
output to the screen. 
If you want it in a file you have to redirect it using the ">" , like this:
perl cfgmaker public at ipaddr > mrtg.cfg
Now, something to note:  this will create a new file and OVERWRITE the old
one!!!!  So, you have two choices, you can create a second file and
concatenate them with a file copy, ("copy mrtg.cfg+mrtg2.cfg allmrtg.cfg) or
in a text editor (ie. open both files, cut and paste together), or you can
have the output of cfgmaker be appeded to the end of the first one like
perl cfgmaker public at ipaddr >> mrtg.cfg
You'll still have to edit the resulting cfg file because the required
settings like WORKDIR, etc, will be duplicated at the top of the new

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I have been successfully using MRTG for about 6 months now.  It works great!
What I have been doing is monitoring my snmp traffic on my switch.  I just
added another switch to my network.  It is daisy chained off of my original
existing switch.  I am able to ping and telnet to it's IP address.  If I run
cfgmaker the new switch is detected.  I can see the IP & channel numbers
scrolling by.  But the mrtg.cfg file is never created.  I tried removing the
old mrtg.cfg file thinking that it would not create it if it already saw one
there.  But that did not help either.  What I thought I would do is to
create the new mrtg.cfg file then read in a copy of the old file.  That way
I would be able to monitor all of my channels.  Is that the correct way to
do that?  
Thanks for any help.
Pat Nolan
Operations Analyst
Dataware Technologies
pnolan at dataware.com <mailto:pnolan at dataware.com> 

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