[mrtg] Re: Where to INSTALL the GD libs?

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Wed Jul 21 16:58:34 MEST 1999


I'm on an NT machine, and I don't have C or anything to compile the gd
source.  I'm weak at programming.  Does the libgd come precompiled for
NT x86 or does it need to be compiled on every different system.

Would the configuration you wrote below apply to NT machines as well,
or is that just for Unix machines?

I downloaded the Win version of gd1.6.1, and now I'm not sure how to


 <000801bed2c0$eeea7850$cb0aa8c- at joey_laptop.insidehouston.org> wrote: 
original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/mrtg/?start=6525
> it doesn't matter where you install ..
> after you do a make ..then goto mrtg and do the following
> ./configure --with-gd=/path/to/gd1.6
> this will dynamiclly link the gd libraries with MRTG
> hope this helps

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